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Keeping Our Children Safe From Sexual Predators


Keeping our Children Safe from predators is top priority. A part of keeping our children safe is to be Child Safety educated, informed and empowered. Always keeping in mind: 1. The Risk is great. 2. Our children are depending on us to keep them safe. 3. The predators are out there too, therefore, we must be Child Safety educated, trained and empowered to better protect our children. 4. “Awareness is our best Defense.” 5. Working together protects children “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

The wait is over. MC Griffin Campbell new books are here:

1. Child Sex Trafficking.

2. Church Leadership Alert.

3. God's Playbook on Marriage.

4. Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge.

5. Something Good Is Going To Happen To You Campbell's Prayer Book.

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